Friday, October 1, 2010

Lights anyone?

Before the battery goes thought I’d talk about life without electricity. Although there has been huge improvement in the 7 years I’ve lived in Uganda, there are still significant outages that often come at inconvenient times – like when you need to print a paper for a course that is due in 2 hours! Here in Kampala the outages are usually just for a few hours – but I remember a time in Fort Portal where there was no electricity at my home for 2 weeks – while they waited for a transformer to be delivered. That was challenging.

When I visit friends who live in villages with no electricity available, it’s difficult to imagine life day in and day out without the many electrical appliances that make life seem more easy.

Cooking over a wood fire in the scorching sun instead of cooking in an air conditioned kitchen using a gas or electric stove/oven. Chatting around the fire while cooking is one of the benefits for the women. It is often a community affair.

Fortunately here, hair dryers are optional – the African hair style usually isn’t done with a dryer. Coffee – can you imagine waking without smelling the coffee brewing in the automatic coffee maker? And television – the news is great on the battery-operated radio. Fans? Toasters? Blenders?

I remember reading books as a young girl and romanticizing life in the days before electricity – studying by lantern. However, my eyes are beyond the time when I can read by lantern or by candle light! So my option once the computer battery is gone, is to go to bed. So it’s off to dreamland for me.

Blessings on your day!

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