Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good intentions

Image134When I started blogging barely 3 weeks ago, I tried to write each day. Then it dropped to once a week. And now I haven’t even kept that up! Having a disk degeneration problem in the neck and a shoulder that was “frozen” – the physiotherapist’s words – has kept me from spending much time at the computer.

However, this picture is priceless and I needed to share it with you. As I traveled down the highway, my attention was drawn to this vehicle. At first I thought the truck had backed into these guys and flattened  them – shows the early influence of cartoons on my imagination. As we drew closer, we realized that they were holding on to the structure to keep it from falling off the  truck. There were no ropes at all!

Another traveling story is not so humorous – as I was driving along Hoima-Kampala Road, I saw what looked to be a big animal lying in the middle of the road. As I passed I realized that it was a human being. Someone was putting the warning sign (branches with green leaves) around him, so he must have just fallen off a truck, gotten hit by a vehicle or something else. Unfortunately, in Uganda, it is not generally a good idea to stop so I continued on and prayed for the man and his family.

Monica and Patricia are now visiting their family in Hoima. Patricia’s grandmother is ecstatic. And the rest of the family are very happy as well. They will return with Monica’s sister in about a week. The house is awfully quiet!

Blessings on your day.

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  1. Oh my - to both! I saw a man in the middle of a busy road in Tanzania, but he was being beaten by a store owner for allegedly stealing something - it was quite a sight to take in. I'll say a prayer for this man. Hoima Rd, I know that one!! Long one, yes? I think I know that one! Many prayers!