Sunday, November 13, 2011

Preaching and Gunshots

Yesterday evening I was asked to share the word at a home fellowship near All Saints Parish in Hoima. About 20 adults and 10 children were present. As I was concluding a message about Jonah's second chance to obey God, 8-10 gunshots rang out. About half the group got up to go see what was happening and of course I stopped speaking. I asked Rev. Gad, who was translating, if those were gunshots and he nodded.  A few minutes later, people began to return to their seats, and we resumed the service. It was the presence of the Spirit that enabled me to finish! 

We later learned that a thief had been caught and the police arrived in time to prevent mob justice by firing shots into the air to disperse the crowd. There were no casualties.

The next part of the evening's adventure occurred when leaving the fellowship. At the end of the service a torrential rain began which left areas flooded, including where I had parked the vehicle. Since there was about 8 inches of water, I couldn't see that there was a mound of construction material and proceeded to step and then slide on the rocks. I fell into the water, but protected my Bible! Unfortunately, my body didn't fare so well. Today I am limping and my neck and shoulders are very sore. Prayer, rest, ibuprofen and some pain relieving rub should get me back in shape in a few days.

Life is never boring.

Blessings on your day.

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