Monday, December 5, 2011

Weddings and Baptisms

St Peter's Cathedral - Hoima
My time of internship at St. Peter's Cathedral has been very exciting. The Dean and vicar have involved me in a number of activities - including wedding services and baptisms. What is really amazing, is that I am reading my parts in Runyoro! I've also read the scripture lessons in English and Runyoro at the Sunday services. People are amazed at how well I read their language - it seems most of them cannot read the language they speak as it is not taught in school.

There are also home services three times a week, and I've participated in those as well. Yesterday, I accompanied the Dean of the Cathedral, Very Rev. Canon Martin Nangera to a service at the home of a former Head of Laity. A day in the life of a parish priest can be quite hectic.

The days leading to Christmas here are fairly quiet. We are observing Advent in the church - thankful for the opportunity to rejoice in Christ's first coming and to continue in the hope of His second coming.

A sad update to an earlier posting - I learned that the thief who had been rescued from the mob by the police returned to the next village the next morning and was killed. Mob justice is unfortunately an acceptable way of some people here when dealing with the perceived lack of justice in the land - even for those who call themselves Christian. Pray for the light of Christ to shine in these dark places.

Blessings on your day.

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