Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alone but not forgotten

This week an old woman died - no earthly family remained. But the family who will join her in heaven came together to celebrate her life, remembering a woman who would quietly come and ask what she could do to help. Though she had no income, she would find ways to take a small bunch of bananas to a neighbor's home and give them to a specific child in that home. Her last days were spent with people she didn't know, who cared for her every need. And over 200 people attended the funeral service and accompanied the body to the burial site, even though it rained.

More than 800 people were given an opportunity to assist this woman as she was moved to a more comfortable situation prior to her death. At each of the 3 services at the Cathedral, an announcement was made asking for those who could help to come by the vestry. Only one equally old woman with no income came to the vestry and offered 2,000 shillings (this is less than $1) and promised to bring more when she got some. I've been pondering on why it is so easy to pass up the opportunity to follow God's command to care for the orphans and the widows. Living in Uganda gives me many opportunities and sometimes it becomes overwhelming, until I remember that I cannot meet every need - only God can do that. Pray for wisdom and discernment that I would do what little I can with the abundance God has given.

Blessings upon your day.

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