Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Welcome and thank you to those who continued to check this site for updates while I was "lost". It has been quite a year since I last posted. From January until April I was busily writing papers to complete the coursework for my Masters degree in divinity at Uganda Christian University. The month of May and even some of June was spent finalizing my research project so that I could graduate on 6th July! This picture shows the international students' fellowship of Bishop Tucker School of Divinity who hosted a celebration for our graduation (Paul Kumbo (S. Sudan) and me). And miracle of miracles: my Mom came to visit along with Jeff and Rose Kirby. See her behind me!

Bishop Nathan beating
the drums at St. Peter's Cathedral.
Mid July found me moving from Kampala to Hoima where I am now the Personal Assistant to Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese of the Church of Uganda (Anglican). My responsibilities include international relations and communications among other interesting tasks. Today I accompanied him on a pastoral visit to a very old, very sick man who is the father of a reverend from the diocese currently living in the U.K.

Old man has high blood pressure,
malaria and chest congestion. He is in his 80s
Old man's wife with Bishop Nathan

My living situation is very fluid. Right now I am staying in the home of the vicar of St. Peter's Cathedral with his wife and family. I am considering several options, but for now it is comfortable to be here. Although having no indoor plumbing at times can be a little challenging. 

Rev. Canon Godfrey Buro (Vicar), wife Janet,
and friend John Kiberu
Recently, the retiring Archbishop of the Church of Uganda came to say farewell to the people of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese. It was quite a joyful celebration.

Part of my responsibilities as personal assistant is to accompany the Bishop as he travels to different parishes around the diocese to conduct confirmation services. For those not familiar with vestments in the Anglican tradition, I am wearing an alb. Some Christians gave me this basket as a thank you gift for visiting their parish.

My life continues to be an adventure in following Jesus Christ. I have recently received a 3 year extension on my work permit visa here in Uganda and I am expectant that many opportunities to serve him will unfold in the days ahead.

Thank you for your support and love.

May you be aware of the blessings around you this day.

Sandra Abwooli

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