Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There are people walking on the roof!

At 4 a.m. the phone rang with the pleasant greeting of "Good morning" followed by the statement that there are people walking on the roof! I am staying with Rev. Cindy Larsen in Hoima. However, she has been away for a few days so I am here alone. The electricity was off and the solar system isn't working so it was very dark. I could see lights from torches (flashlights) through my bedroom window, but certainly hadn't heard anyone walking on the roof. At times I sleep very soundly. Since Cindy lives on the campus of the Diocesan Training Centre, a student had seen someone and contacted Rev. Godfrey who called me. I was instructed to go find the emergency bell button and ring it, so I stumbled around in the darkness to the kitchen where the button is located and let it ring for a minute. This is an old fashioned school bell that Cindy brought with her when she built this house. I then saw a number of lights coming from the campus - some students were on their way. They found nothing, so I went back to bed, though not to sleep. At 5 a.m. the phone again rang, this time to notify me that the police were going to come check on things with dogs at 6 a.m., but I shouldn't come out of the house. Back to dozing - the police actually came with their dog at 7 a.m. The diocesan secretary had to bring them in the diocesan double cabin pickup as police generally require transportation when they are needed. They found no sign that anyone had been inside the fence and couldn't find much along the outside. I have since learned that there is a lot of crime in this area which includes the diocesan cathedral, headquarters, several schools and homes. As Christmas approaches, this will increase. Pray for the security of this place and for the factors that bring people to commit these crimes. Also pray for those who will be caught - people are often beaten severely before being handed over to the police. Thank God there were no people walking on the roof last night.

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