Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knocking Eyes

IMG_0032Having a teenager in the house is yet another experience. Grace, Monica’s 16 year old sister came along when Monica and Patricia returned from their visit home. She just finished a major milestone in her education and is now waiting for the results which will allow her to continue education in February.

The language of a teen can be quite amusing. Today as we were enjoying lunch Grace noticed a young man looking at her sister. She informed her that the man was “knocking eyes” with her. That phrase has become one that brings great laughter each time any of us is caught even glancing at a man! I can’t wait until I learn the next phrase of teen lingo.

Less than 2 weeks remain before I head off to the U.S. This is a challenging time preparing for being away for 6 weeks – taking care of the ministry and other expenses that continue while I am away. It will be my first Christmas stateside in more than 10 years – pray for my adjustment to COLD and SNOW!

Blessings on your day

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